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Quality Supervisor
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1. Prepare internal audit annual plan before the beginning of every year, according to procedure P-03. 2. Prepare and arrange for unplanned internal audits. 3. Notifies the auditors & audited departments with the audit subject, time, date and the auditor s names before the audit execution date, according to procedure P-03. 4. All audits cover goals & objectives, customer feedback, management reviews, audits, process review (especially if NCs from prior audits have been properly corrected), and corrective action. 5. Prepare & distribute internal audit notice for audited departments & auditors, according to procedure P-03. 6. Follow up the non-conforming corrective action forms and its implementation as a result of prior audits. 7. Prepare meeting agenda before every management review meeting and distribute it to the attendees. Meeting agenda should include last audit results (internal & external  if any). Customer feedback (observation & complaints). 8. Process performance and product conformity  Process Review. Status of preventive & corrective actions. Follow-up actions from previous management reviews. Changes that could affect the Q.M.S. Recommendations for improvement as per procedure P-03. 9. All management reviews taken actions will be followed-up for implementation in next meetings based on timely action plan. 10. Follow-up actions from previous management reviews. 11. Keeping documents & records related to internal & external audits and management reviews.




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Job Location : Egypt
Job field : Quality Control
Degree: :
Employment Type : Full Time
Salary Range :
Years of Experience : Min: - Max: 3
Age: From: - To: -
Valid Until: -
Gender any
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