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Internation Offset printing House, Printing top egyptian's top quality magazines and books.

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Jobs for International Printing House

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
Sales Manager Sales Egypt 12-10-2014
موظف شئون إدارية Human Resources Egypt 14-08-2014
محاسب Accounting Egypt 14-08-2014
Purchase-Warehouse Specialist Shipping & Freight Egypt 22-07-2014
Customer Services Customer Services Egypt 22-07-2014
HR Spesialist Human Resources Egypt 20-07-2014
فنين ومساعدين طباعة وتجليد Technician Egypt 19-05-2014
IT Spesialist Information Technology (IT) Egypt 13-05-2014
مدير مكتب المدير العام Administration Egypt 30-04-2014
مدير خدمة العملاء Customer Services Egypt 29-04-2014
Customer Account Executive Sales Egypt 23-04-2014
Customer Account Executive Accounting Egypt 23-04-2014
عمال خدمات Handcrafts Egypt 09-04-2014
سائق رخصة مهنية Automotive Egypt 09-04-2014
HR Human Resources Egypt 09-04-2014
موظف إستقبال Human Resources Egypt 17-03-2014
مهندس صيانة ماكينات طباعة Mechanical Engineering Egypt 16-03-2014
Purchasing Employe Purchasing Egypt 09-02-2014
مدير مالى Accounting Egypt 05-02-2014
سائقين Driving Egypt 03-02-2014
Accountant: ACC_ILB Publishing Egypt 04-12-2013
Sales Representative-SR_ILB Publishing Egypt 01-12-2013
Human Resources Manager Human Resources Egypt 01-12-2013
Sales Manager Publishing Egypt 01-12-2013
Secretary Administration Egypt 01-12-2013
Customer Support Supervisor-IPH Administration Egypt 21-11-2013
مندوب مبيعات و تسويق Customer Services Egypt 19-12-2011
سائق Administration Egypt 19-12-2011
اخصائي شؤون عاملين Administration Egypt 19-12-2011
امين مخزن Financial Management Egypt 19-12-2011
Executive secretary Secretarial Egypt 08-06-2006
Operator Secretarial Egypt 04-04-2004
customer service Customer Services Egypt 24-03-2004
Office Manager Administration Egypt 18-03-2004
administration manager Administration Egypt 18-03-2004
Sales Representative Sales Egypt 22-12-2003
SALES Sales Egypt 19-11-2003
Bookshop keeper Book keeping Egypt 08-11-2003
Administration Manager Administration Egypt 01-11-2003
sales Sales Egypt 15-10-2003
Computer Engineer Maintenance/Repair Egypt 28-07-2002
Accountant Accounting Egypt 14-04-2002
Office Manager Secretarial Egypt 13-04-2002