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Union Group is one of the very first distributors for Mobinil since 2001. Union brand for mobile accessories enjoying wide brand variety for every product line since 2005. Union Group is now an authorized distributor for Samsung mobile phone in 2009.

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Jobs for يونيون جروب

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
Storekeeper Shipping & Freight Egypt 05-11-2014
Customer Care Representative - Suez Customer Services Egypt 05-11-2014
Retail Representative - Suez Sales Egypt 05-11-2014
storekeeper - Suez Trade Egypt 05-11-2014
Quality Control Specialist - Suez Quality Control Egypt 05-11-2014
Service Engineer - Suez Electrical Engineering Egypt 05-11-2014
Health & Safety Officer Health Egypt 02-10-2014
Branch Accountant - Zagazig Accounting Egypt 01-10-2014
Senior Purchasing Specialist Purchasing Egypt 22-09-2014
Senior Store Keeper Telecommunications Egypt 22-09-2014
CCTV Operator Security Egypt 02-09-2014
Sales Representative ( Domiat) Sales Egypt 02-09-2014
Store Keeper Trade Egypt 10-08-2014
Junior Oracle Apps Technical Consultant Information Technology (IT) Egypt 03-08-2014
Branch Accountant ( Giza Branch) Accounting Egypt 16-07-2014
Sales Supervisor Sales Egypt 17-06-2014
Store Keeper Accounting Egypt 15-06-2014
- مندوبين مبيعات اجهزة منزلية Sales Egypt 27-04-2014
Store keeper in Alex Accounting Egypt 11-03-2014
Customer Service Representative Customer Services Egypt 22-01-2014
Service Engineer Communication Engineering Egypt 22-01-2014
Quality Control Specialist Quality Control Egypt 22-01-2014
Consumer Electronics Sales Representative Sales Egypt 22-01-2014
Quality Control Area Supervisor Quality Control Egypt 22-01-2014
Retail Representative Sales Egypt 22-01-2014
Service Technician Maintenance/Repair Egypt 22-01-2014
Engineering Manager -Branches & Administrative Buildings Experience Civil Engineering Egypt 05-01-2014
Engineering Manager -Branches & Administrative Buildings Experience Architecture Egypt 05-01-2014
Service Engineer Communication Engineering Egypt 31-12-2013
Consumer Electronics Sales Representative outdoor(Upper Egypt, Delta & Great Cairo) Sales Egypt 31-12-2013
Hardware & Network Engineer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 11-08-2013
Service Engineer Electronics Egypt 20-06-2013
Customer Care Representative Customer Services Egypt 19-06-2013
Customer Care Representative Customer Services Egypt 19-06-2013
Sales Representative Sales Egypt 13-06-2013
Service Accountant (Alexandria) Accounting Egypt 13-06-2013
Accountant Accounting Egypt 13-06-2013
Sales Representative - Samsung Sales Egypt 13-06-2013
امين مخزن Accounting Egypt 12-06-2013
Sales indoor Sales Egypt 12-06-2013
Sales Representative, GIZA Sales Egypt 05-05-2013
Marketing Merchandiser Marketing Egypt 05-05-2013
Marketing Promoter Marketing Egypt 05-05-2013
Internal Auditor Auditing Egypt 05-05-2013
Branch Accountant- Giza Financial Management Egypt 24-04-2013
Branch Accountant- Giza Accounting Egypt 24-04-2013
Customer Care Team Leader- Mansoura Customer Services Egypt 02-04-2013
-"مندوب مبيعات وتوزيع "سامسونج Sales Egypt 03-02-2013
مندوب مبيعات وتوزيع-الجيزه Sales Egypt 19-12-2012
Sales Representative Sales Egypt 12-09-2012
مندوبين مبيعات" بالجيزه، طنطا،الشرقيه ،المنصوره وكفر الشيخ Sales Egypt 22-06-2012
محاسب - المنيا Accounting Egypt 07-06-2012
Sales supervisor Sales Egypt 09-05-2012
Outdoor sales representatives Sales Egypt 09-05-2012
Sales representatives Sales Egypt 09-05-2012
Sales supervisor Sales Egypt 09-05-2012
Customer Service Customer Services Egypt 10-04-2012
Customer Service Customer Services Egypt 10-04-2012
موظف شئوون عاملين Human Resources Egypt 01-04-2012
Mobile Services Engineer Electronics Egypt 31-05-2011
Senior Oracle Applications Develope Information Technology (IT) Egypt 05-04-2011
Junior Database Administrator Information Technology (IT) Egypt 17-03-2011
Sales Indoor Sales Egypt 06-03-2011
أمين مخزن Logistics Manager Egypt 06-03-2011
Maintenance Engineer Electronics Egypt 02-03-2011
Commercial Lawyer Law Egypt 14-02-2011
Facility Supervisor Administration Egypt 14-02-2011
Branch Accountant Accounting Egypt 13-02-2011
Corporate Sales Supervisor Sales Egypt 13-02-2011
Marketing Supervisor Marketing Egypt 13-02-2011
HR Generalist Human Resources Egypt 12-02-2011
Training Specialist Human Resources Egypt 12-02-2011
Customer Service Supervisor Customer Services Egypt 01-12-2010
Banking Accountant Accounting Egypt 24-11-2010
Dataentry Specialist Administration Egypt 23-11-2010
Network Engineer Communication Engineering Egypt 21-11-2010
customer service agent Customer Services Egypt 19-11-2010
Corporate Sale Sales Egypt 12-10-2010
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 29-10-2009
مساعد أمين مخزن Accounting Egypt 04-07-2006
أمين خزينة Accounting Egypt 01-04-2006
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 01-04-2006
مدير الشئون القانونية Law Egypt 04-02-2006
Executive Secretary Secretarial Egypt 19-01-2006
Executive Secretary Secretarial Egypt 19-01-2006
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 17-12-2005
أمين مخازن Trade Egypt 30-10-2005
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 27-10-2005
مدير مبيعات فرع Sales Egypt 26-10-2005
مدخل بيانات Sales Egypt 24-10-2005