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Arab Dairy Products Company was established in 1987 as a shareholding company based in Cairo with four branches across Egypt. Production started in 1991 with a wide range of high quality dairy products including: processed cheese, white cheese, swiss hard and semi-hard cheeses, in addition to mozzarella cheese, and fresh cream. The company owns three registered brand names: Panda, Dairy, and La Classe. 1-Panda Cheddar blocks Triangle cheese White cheese (Feta, istanbully) Fresh Cream Mesh cheese 2-Dairy Cheddar blocks Triangle cheese La Classe Swiss Type Cheese in Loaves (Emmental, & Parmesan, Gruyere ) Mozzarella (Grated, salad and blocks) Throughout the years, our consumer driven company has consistently demonstrated its ability to expand its product range, catering to its consumer needs, and increase its market share locally and internationally. Arab Dairy employs over 660 employees ranging between production engineers, sales and marketing teams, technical and administrative people and factory workers. The company owns a specialized fleet of vans and cooling systems that distribute its products around Cairo and the rest of Egypt. Arab Dairy clients not only include retail and wholesale outlets, but also hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, school programs, airlines and the army which are serviced through its catering division.

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Jobs for Arab Dairy

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
مندوبى مبيعات فى ليبيا Sales Egypt 10-07-2012
مشرف مبيعات فى ليبيا Sales Egypt 10-07-2012
امين مخزن بشرم الشيخ FMCG Egypt 10-07-2012
Regional Sales Manager upper egypt Sales Egypt 28-06-2012
Marketing Director Marketing Egypt 01-05-2012
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 25-03-2012
Qulity Manager Manufacturing & Production Egypt 21-12-2011
Mechanical & Power Engineer Manufacturing & Production Egypt 13-09-2011
Export Specialist - Official Export Import & Export Egypt 11-09-2011
ERP senior engineer Manufacturing & Production Egypt 01-09-2011
Desktop Support Engineer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 22-05-2011
امين مخزن Manufacturing & Production Egypt 12-01-2011
Export Secretary Secretarial Egypt 18-10-2010
مهندس انتاج جبن مطبوخ Manufacturing & Production Egypt 14-09-2010
Local Purchasing Supervisor FMCG Egypt 12-08-2010
سائق FMCG Egypt 12-08-2010
Local Purchasing Specialist Purchasing Egypt 12-08-2010
مدير مخازن Manufacturing & Production Egypt 14-07-2010
مساعد مدير لادارة الامن Industrial Egypt 21-01-2010
Quality control engineer Industrial Egypt 17-12-2009
مسئول متابعة فنية - مشرف فنى Automotive Egypt 09-07-2009
مدير نقل وتوزيع منتجات غذائية- Logistic Manager Industrial Egypt 13-12-2008
مسئول مشتريات خارجية واعتمادات Purchasing Egypt 05-08-2008
مسئول مشتريات خارجية واعتمادات Purchasing Egypt 05-08-2008
Business Development Manager Sales Egypt 07-11-2007
Quality Manager Manufacturing & Production Egypt 07-11-2007
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 17-06-2007
مراجع اول عملاء Accounting Egypt 07-06-2007
رئيس قسم فحص واستلام الواردات ( كميائى) Manufacturing & Production Egypt 06-05-2007
محامى Law Egypt 12-03-2007
سكرتيرة Secretarial Egypt 05-02-2007
اشراف داخلى - ضيافة Hotel Egypt 05-02-2007
مدير ادارى Human Resources Egypt 18-01-2007
رئيس قسم تدريب Human Resources Egypt 27-12-2006
مهندس جودة Quality Assurance Egypt 13-12-2006
رئيس قسم معامل Quality Assurance Egypt 13-12-2006
نائب مدير ادارة الشئون الادارية Administration Egypt 16-11-2006
مدير اقليمى لقطاع الدلتا Sales Egypt 16-11-2006
Public Relation Coordinator Public Relations Egypt 06-11-2006
كميائى / مهندس جودة Quality Assurance Egypt 12-10-2006
كميائى / مهندس جودة Quality Assurance Egypt 12-10-2006
رئيس قسم مشتريات محلية Purchasing Egypt 11-10-2006
Accountant Accounting Egypt 18-09-2006
(مهندس جودة ( كميائى Quality Assurance Egypt 07-08-2006
مدير ادارة السيارات Automotive Egypt 02-07-2006
Brand Manager Marketing Egypt 22-05-2006
Public Relation Coordinator Public Relations Egypt 22-05-2006
محاسب اول موازنات Accounting Egypt 21-05-2006
اخصائى اول تصدير Import & Export Egypt 10-05-2006
مندوب تصدير Import & Export Egypt 10-05-2006
Secretary Secretarial Egypt 07-05-2006
افراد امن و حراسة Security Egypt 23-04-2006
Security Manager Security Egypt 02-04-2006
Enterprise Resources Planning Manager Information Technology (IT) Egypt 29-03-2006
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 09-03-2006
سائق ( رخصة درجة أولى / ثانية / ثالثة ) Driving Egypt 09-03-2006
منسق العروض Sales Egypt 09-03-2006