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If you are looking for a Trusted Advisor & fruitful co-operation, please reach out Smart Jobs Recruitment Consulting firm. Smart Jobs believes that Talents are the single most precious asset in any given organization or insinuation; hence we aim at connecting organizations & individuals in finding the right fit in Egypt and outside. We promise you Professionalism, Transparency & Fast Turnaround. We are in the recruitment business helping organizations find top talents in Egypt and overseas.

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Jobs for Smart Jobs

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
Installing and maintenance Engineer Security Egypt 29-11-2015
Swimming Pools Engineer Specialist Engineering Management Egypt 29-11-2015
Financial Assistant Manager Accounting Egypt 25-11-2015
Installing and maintenance Engineer Import & Export Egypt 25-11-2015
Quality Control Engineer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 15-04-2014
Process Engineer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 15-04-2014
Accountant Accounting Egypt 17-03-2014
Sales Consultant Sales Egypt 12-02-2014