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Until March 2012, minlo® Group was known as Seasons Trade and Distribution. Renowned for its invaluable brand “TankTM”, producing insulated plastic solutions and water filtration solutions, minlo® started business in 2005 through its then Sister Company Olympic Group. Today, carrying the honorable Mission Statement of “Facilitating Healthy Drinking Water” minlo® is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the field of water filtration, preservation and cooling. The TankTM brand offers various water purification and preservation solutions with a product portfolio of over 40 different product options; while its 2010 acquired legend “KOLDAIR TM” brand serves a wide range of water cooling solutions. Seeking international exposure, minlo® managed to strive high with its vibrant skilled calibers, not only to have a dominance in the local market with 70% local market share but on an international basis too in Export markets such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon,UAE, Yemen, Turkey, Senegal and Kenya just to mention a few. We are always in search for Egyptian innovative, hardworking, enthusiastic, successful calibers that would join our ever-growing team. minlo® combines successfully progressive business practices, local and international market knowledge and resources to achieve mutually beneficial business solutions for consumers, partners and employees. The Executive Team maintains control of all Corporate Policy matters and provide directions through strategic business planning, continuous operations reviews and long term forecasting based on international best practices.

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Jobs for Minlo Trade

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
مساعد امين مخزن - سوهاج Sales Egypt 05-01-2015
مندوب بيع داخلي "Sales indoor"- منتجات براون Sales Egypt 30-12-2014
مندوب بيع داخلي "Sales indoor"- منتجات براون Sales Egypt 30-12-2014
Trade Marketing Supervisor Marketing Egypt 08-12-2014
IT Help Desk Information Technology (IT) Egypt 08-12-2014
Foreign Purchasing Specialist FMCG Egypt 04-12-2014
A/P Accountant Accounting Egypt 23-11-2014
مندوب بيع داخلي ( In door ) Sales Egypt 20-11-2014
مندوب بيع خارجي Sales Egypt 20-11-2014
مندوب تسليمات Administration Egypt 20-11-2014
Sales Specialist Sales Egypt 09-11-2014