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Best Buy group operates a wide spectrum of business fields through its four companies. The first company  CAD/CAM/CIM works as a value added reseller of a number of the leading providers of mechanical CAD/CAM systems like Autodesk, Dassault Systems, and many others. The second company  BestBuy for IT operates more than twenty IT retail showrooms branded as 2B Computers which are located in almost all the major computer malls and prestigious general shopping malls. Since 2007, BestBuy for IT expanded its operation in Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dubai. 2B runs a global distribution network though its agents in some of the nearby countries as Cyprus, Greece, Lebanon, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia, and Spain. BestBuy for Battery Manufacturing operates a manufacturing facility in El-Basteen Industrial Zoon; While the fourth company, while BestBuy for Foods operates two manufacturing facilities in Mit-Ghamr in the Delta of the River Nile and in Elmansouria area in the district of Giza. The Company products are available in almost all the prestigious supermarkets and hypermarkets; Moreover, the company supplies its natural products to a number of the fast foods chains in Egypt like McDonalds and KFC

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    Information Technology (IT)

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    Joint Venture

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Jobs for Best Buy Egypt

Job Title Job Field Location Date Posted
محاسب عملاء Accounting Egypt 10-03-2016
Indoor Sales Information Technology (IT) Egypt 21-10-2015
أخصائى مشتريات Information Technology (IT) Egypt 29-09-2015
مشرف مخازن Computer Hardware Egypt 23-09-2014
مشرف مخازن Computer Hardware Egypt 23-09-2014
Logistics Manager Logistics Manager Egypt 23-09-2014
مشرف مخازن Computer Hardware Egypt 23-09-2014
key account sales manager Sales Egypt 23-09-2014
Junior C# Developer Computer Software Egypt 21-09-2014
In-door Sales Representative Sales Egypt 14-08-2014
IT Specialist Information Technology (IT) Egypt 15-06-2014
Retail Sales Representative Sales Egypt 06-04-2014
Senior Software (CAD/CAM) Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 01-04-2014
Marketing Manager Marketing Egypt 01-04-2014
Technical support Engineer Mechanical Engineering Egypt 16-03-2014
محاسب جرد Accounting Egypt 12-03-2014
Sales Rep Sales Egypt 12-03-2014
Sales Out Door ( Mobile accessories) Sales Egypt 12-03-2014
Technical Sales engineer Mechanical Engineering Egypt 06-02-2014
ERP Sales Sales Egypt 20-01-2014
Admin Assistant Administration Egypt 02-01-2014
Web Master Marketing Egypt 25-12-2013
Internet Marketing Specialist Marketing Egypt 25-12-2013
pharmacists Pharmacy Egypt 07-12-2013
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 18-11-2013
فنى صيانة موبايل Computer Hardware Egypt 18-11-2013
فنى صيانة لاب توب Computer Hardware Egypt 18-11-2013
online sales Sales Egypt 05-11-2013
Data Entry Information Technology (IT) Egypt 04-11-2013
IT Assistant Information Technology (IT) Egypt 29-10-2013
Retail Operation Manager Sales Egypt 26-10-2013
Website Sales Information Technology (IT) Egypt 30-09-2013
Sales Representative Mechanical Engineering Egypt 02-06-2013
Web Developer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 13-05-2013
Sales Software Software Engineering Egypt 07-05-2013
Telesales Computer Hardware Egypt 15-04-2013
Ushers Sales Egypt 24-03-2013
Office Manager Administration Egypt 25-02-2013
IT Salaes Outdoor ( KSA ) Information Technology (IT) Egypt 13-02-2013
Junior .Net Developer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 05-02-2013
Web Admin Information Technology (IT) Egypt 05-02-2013
Telesales Computer Hardware Egypt 16-01-2013
import Specialist Import & Export Egypt 08-01-2013
Sales Representative Sales Egypt 03-01-2013
outdoor sales representative Sales Egypt 01-01-2013
E-Marketing Specialist Marketing Egypt 11-12-2012
Corporate Sales Sales Egypt 11-12-2012
Junior Sales Computer Hardware Egypt 09-12-2012
web developer Information Technology (IT) Egypt 06-12-2012
مدير إنتاج FMCG Egypt 06-12-2012
Accountant Accounting Egypt 06-12-2012
Web Sales Information Technology (IT) Egypt 20-11-2012
Trainer Training Egypt 18-10-2012
Computer Operations officer Computer Hardware Egypt 15-10-2012
عمال نظافة Administration Egypt 15-10-2012
Sales Wholesale Computer Hardware Egypt 30-09-2012
Junior Technical Sales Engineer for Mechanical Design Software Sales Egypt 06-02-2012
Accounting supervisor Accounting Egypt 01-12-2011
franshising manager Information Technology (IT) Egypt 10-10-2011
Marketing Manager Marketing Egypt 06-08-2011
Accounting Manager Accounting Egypt 27-07-2011
Human Resources Manager Human Resources Egypt 27-07-2011
Sales Engineer for Mechanical Design Software (CAD/CAM) Sales Egypt 26-07-2011
Marketing/e-Marketing Excutive Marketing Egypt 11-07-2011
Retail represetative Sales Egypt 11-07-2011
online content specialist for regional e-commerce website Marketing Egypt 07-07-2011
Graphic Designer Graphics Design Egypt 06-07-2011
On Line Marketing (SEO) Specialist for 2B COMPUTER e- retail store Marketing Egypt 29-06-2011
Inside Sales Representative (Female Applicants) Sales Egypt 22-06-2011
Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 21-06-2011
Out Door Sales Engineer for Mechanical Design Software (CAD/CAM) Sales Egypt 18-06-2011
Sales Representative for Training Center Sales Egypt 18-06-2011
In Door Sales rep Information Technology (IT) Egypt 24-01-2011
Out Door Sales Man Computer Hardware Egypt 19-12-2010
Senior Accountant Accounting Egypt 15-12-2010
Graphic designer Marketing Egypt 08-12-2010
ERP Tele Sales Information Technology (IT) Egypt 29-11-2010
Developer Computer Software Egypt 25-10-2010
Out Door Sales Engineer for Mechanical Design Software Sales Egypt 13-09-2010
ERP Sales Rep. Sales Egypt 02-09-2010
Marketing Executive Marketing Egypt 17-07-2010
Sales person in 2B COMPUTERS retail stores Computer Hardware Egypt 05-07-2010
Marketing Computer Software Egypt 14-06-2010
Tele Sales Computer Hardware Egypt 06-06-2010
CAD Software Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 26-05-2010
Web Developer Computer Software Egypt 08-05-2010
ERP Implementor Computer Software Egypt 11-04-2010
Marketing Specialist Marketing Egypt 16-03-2010
Export Manager Sales Egypt 20-12-2009
Corporate Sales Representative Sales Egypt 20-12-2009
Computer HW salesperson Sales Egypt 10-08-2009
IT manager Information Technology (IT) Egypt 01-05-2009
Public Relation Officer Administration Egypt 24-11-2008
Marketing Officer Marketing Egypt 23-11-2008
Network Administrator Networks Administration Egypt 21-07-2008
Mechanical CAD Engineer Mechanical Engineering Egypt 02-12-2007
Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 02-12-2007
Computer Salesman Sales Egypt 02-12-2007
IT Specialist Information Technology (IT) Egypt 23-10-2007
CAD/CAM software technical support engineer Mechanical Engineering Egypt 04-08-2007
IT Specialist Information Technology (IT) Egypt 18-07-2007
Chief Accounting Officer Accounting Egypt 10-07-2007
outdoor sales Sales Egypt 07-07-2007
مسئول مبيعات Sales Egypt 07-07-2007
Construction Sales representative Sales Egypt 27-06-2007
Food & Beverage Production Engineer Production Engineering Egypt 26-06-2007
import specialist Import & Export Egypt 06-06-2007
procurment specialist Import & Export Egypt 06-06-2007
executive seretary Secretarial Egypt 05-06-2007
Software Sales Manager Sales Egypt 20-05-2007
Hard ware Salesperson Sales Egypt 05-05-2007
CAD Software Sales Sales Egypt 02-05-2007
Executive Secretary Secretarial Egypt 30-04-2007
adminstrator Administration Egypt 21-04-2007
customer service employee Customer Services Egypt 10-04-2007
مشرف صيانه Computer Hardware Egypt 10-04-2007
فنى صيانة Computer Hardware Egypt 10-04-2007
marketing coordinator Marketing Egypt 10-04-2007
Cad / Cam Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 24-03-2007
Sales Manager Mechanical Engineering Egypt 13-12-2006
Accountant Accounting Egypt 17-10-2006
Maintenance Manager Electronics Egypt 10-10-2006
Assistant Import & Export Egypt 26-09-2006
Production Engineer Production Engineering Egypt 01-09-2006
office boy Home Services Egypt 16-08-2006
Secretary Secretarial Egypt 16-08-2006
Labtop Sales Sales Egypt 23-07-2006
CAD/CAM Eng. Mechanical Engineering Egypt 23-07-2006
Assisstant Marketing Manager Marketing Egypt 13-06-2006
computer sales man Sales Egypt 13-06-2006
Eelectornic Engineer Electronics Egypt 07-05-2006
Electrical Engineer Electrical Engineering Egypt 07-05-2006
Marketier Marketing Egypt 21-03-2006
مندوب مبيعات Sales Egypt 07-02-2006
Production Manager Mechanical Engineering Egypt 06-02-2006
Graphic Designer Graphics Design Egypt 06-02-2006
Production Manager Mechanical Engineering Egypt 06-02-2006
مشرف مبيعات Sales Egypt 06-02-2006
Computer Salesman Computer Hardware Egypt 30-01-2006
Production Manager Manufacturing & Production Egypt 30-01-2006
Quality Manager Food Security Egypt 03-12-2005
Quality Manager Food Security Egypt 03-12-2005
Computer Salesman Sales Egypt 17-10-2005
Computer Salesman Sales Egypt 28-09-2005
Marketing Manager Marketing Egypt 22-09-2005
CAD/CAM Sales Engineer Sales Egypt 26-08-2005
Marketing Manager Marketing Egypt 14-08-2005
Marketing Executive Marketing Egypt 14-08-2005
Computer Salesman Computer Hardware Egypt 14-08-2005